Scientific nutrition for holistic growth of kids
A specially curated formula, comprising hand-picked nutrients that are known to build immunity and induce a healthy defence system.

Builds Immunity

Eradicates tiredness and fatigue

Enables healthy growth

Boosts Skin Defence System

Helps in blood formation

Improves concentration and memory

Enhances grasping power

Increases stamina

Provides greater learning capacity

Widens attention span
Specially curated by in-house Cipla Health scientists, in consultation with paediatricians, to meet the dietary requirements of your little ones. A tested product which will help the growth of your child and prepare their body to effectively fight diseases and germs. It induces a healthy defence system and enables blood formation, during their crucial years of growth. This product offering is available in two delectable variants -ActivKids Multivitamin ChocoBites and ActivKids Brain Boosting ChocoBites.