Multiple Skin Problems,
Only One Solution.

Cipladine - India’s No 1 Medicated Antiseptic*

Multiple skin problems, only one solution

Cipladine -India's No.1 Medicated Antiseptic

Skin ka First Aid

Powered with Povidone-Iodine for rapid microbicidal action

Available in multiple formats -ointment, gargle, powder, scrub and solution
Cuts, wounds, burns, and infections. When the discomfort of such skin ailments set in, reach for Cipladine - India's No.1 medicated antiseptic*, it is the first aid for all skin problems. A must-have in all first aid boxes at home, Cipladine is available in five formats - ointment, solution, scrubs, powder, and gargle. Active key ingredient povidone-iodine in Cipladine is effective on wounds, cuts, burns & skin infections. Cipladine is the one-stop solution for all skin problems, thereby making it skin ka 1st aid. *Source: Nielsen MAT May’22 – Volume sales for medicated Antiseptic Skin Creams Category