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Powered by a Diclofenac formula acting at the root of pain, this effective offering is India's Number one pain recovery gel.
India's No.1 medicated antiseptic # ,it is the first aid for all skin problems
A blocked nose is beyond just the nasal cavity of the Nose. The discomfort has many manifestations- like heaviness in head and stuffiness especially when the sinuses get affected.
There’s no substitution to hard work and there’s no denying to that. No matter who you are or what you do, your hard work will always help you move ahead in life.
Effective hand hygiene solutions to keep you protected from germs at all times. Our belief is simple. Clean Hands=Healthy Lives. This is why our sanitizers, hand rubs & surface sprays give you the ability to live life on your terms
Premium and powerful daily probiotic supplement for optimal digestive and intestinal health, and immunity.
A multi-range expert and companion with a comprehensive range of products and solutions to ensure a smooth journey of motherhood and beyond.
Unique daily health supplement with more than 13 essential vitamins and minerals in a softgel capsule, which helps fulfil the body’s nutrient needs.
Prolyte Ors
A WHO-recommended hydrating solution from the house of CHL to solve and prevent dehydration among kids and adults.
Cofsils Experdine Gargle
Made with a scientific formula (povidone-iodine 2%w/v) that kills germs causing throat infection in just 30 seconds, Cofsils Experdine Gargle gives you instant relief from tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Its 3-way action has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Cofsils Cough Syrup
Quick and effective solutions that provide multi-symptom relief from cough, cold and sore throat.
Cofsils Cough Drops
Get quick relief from sore throat, cough, and irritation with Cofsils cough drops which have the goodness of 41 natural herbs. Available in 4 exciting flavours – menthol, ginger, honey and tulsi.
Cofsils Lozenge
Containing a triple-relief formula, has antiviral, antibacterial, and soothing effects, providing quick relief from sore throat in just 5 minutes!
A friend to smokers in their tough journey of quitting smoking, Nicotex offers a range of products (Gums, lozenges and patches), which helps one quit smoking using the proven principle of Nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotex is built on the vision of making India smoking free and proud to be the No. 1 Doctor recommended brand in its category.
Paracip is a range of Paracetamol from Cipla Heath available in Tablets, Syrups and Drops format. Paracip relieves you from mild to severe body pains. Its also gentle on your stomach.
What do we stand for? Values we believe in
Because our world moves around people and consumers, we are about inspiring conversations, exciting work and shared journeys.

People First
We take great care to bring together the right kind of people to work for meaningful experiences and exceptional relationships.
It’s about how to do the right thing the right way, not necessarily easy, every single time.
We take proactive ownership very seriously - your work is your responsibility. No compromise on time, outcome and quality.
We trust you can do the right thing to deliver the desired positive outcomes.
We endorse entrepreneurial energy in thought, decision and action. In short, pace excites us.
Consumer Centricity
The genesis of our existence, the reason for our entrepreneurial energy and the validation of our efforts.

Life at Cipla Health What’s in it for you? Good work, entrepreneurial energy,
stimulating conversations and exciting ideas at a fun work environment where your opinion counts.

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Exciting careers and newer opportunities with freedom and autonomy. Where trying and falling is part of growing, without fear. We foster, not hinder.