Quick relief from cough, cold, sore throat
A range of cough syrup that provide 3-way action on cough, cold and sore throat.

Benefits of Cofsils Natural Cough Syrup

Provides quick relief

3 way action – Acts on cough, cold and sore throat

Contains 11 natural ingredients

Provides multi-symptom relief

Does not cause drowsiness

Does not contain alcohol

Benefits of Cofsils Medicated Cough Syrup

Provides quick relief

3-way action: acts on cough, cold, and a sore throat

Acts in 15 minutes

Doesn’t contain alcohol
Cough, cold, and sore throat are common conditions. However, they?re also difficult to get rid of. And, more often than not, they seem to attack you all at once. But don?t let them keep you from living your life! Combat them with Cofsils Cough syrup range! They are quick, effective solutions that provide multi-symptom relief and help you stay ahead in life!